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A Working Business Model based on ‘Free” – for Chambers

(This is an audio presentation – click the Play button) How to make Chambers relevant to their members and the community View more OpenOffice presentations from Pat Kitano.

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Local Merchants must see the Twitter opportunity

The first thing I would do if I were a small local merchant is start Twittering my offerings to the community. Theres no reason not to. Twitter is simple to learn and efficient to use. There’s loads of anecdotal evidence that it works for small business: Taco Trucks, Retail, Pizza and yogurt. Look what happened […]

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Lakers vs. Nuggets – The Power of Breaking Sports News to a City

Breaking LA News is aggregating Twitter feeds for the Lakers /Nugget game 4 this Memorial Day. Hyperlocal breaking news are ideal for broadcasting local interest events, and have the additional benefit of attracting a huge national audience. We assisted in augmenting the traffic to the site with two well placed comments (albeit more like ads) […]

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What Every News Weekly Magazine Aspires to Be – and Why it’s Unsustainable

There is no market for a┬ánews weekly that regurgitates the news that happened ten days ago, daily newspapers have proven that. But good writing about current events will attract a specific and loyal reader. The New York Times chronicles how Newsweek has redesigned to be a cross between The Economist and The New Republic by […]

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Ten Ways Twitter has Completely Changed the Sales Process

Twitter is fueling Enterprise 2.0 and changing the sales process by opening up how providers and clients discover, interact and close deals with each other. It’s not hard to imagine that all sales forces will be Twitter-based within a few years (if not Twitter, some other system that ties providers and clients into open networks). […]

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Marketing a Hyperlocal Site to your Community

We’ve been experimentally marketing Breaking San Francisco News, and have discovered many ways to attract local traffic to the site. 1. Since Breaking News City sites aggregate the best local Twitter feeds, the best viral marketing is through Twitter. So create a new Twitter account as the voice for Breaking SF News. 2. Find and […]

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Online news is a commodity, readers won’t pay for it

The Denver Post is conducting a poll to its readers – would you pay to access news online? The Denver Post already plans to start charging for content. Would the overwhelming results of this informal reader poll change their mind? It boils down to, how stupid are they? This is a followup from yesterday’s article […]

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TimesWire – Feed Aggregation Gone Mainstream

The venerable NYTimes unveils TimesWire tomorrow in its attempt to “real time” its reporting. New articles are fed into TimesWire as soon as it’s published, but the stream of articles is slower than a ticker tape. I think it needs to open up to other journalistic sources to create a compelling stream of news and […]

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Twitter “Media Sites” Require Focused Non-Chatty Twitter Feeds

Up to now, Twitter has consistently been used as a conversational tool by people who logged onto Twitter with their real names and identities. Only media outlets like @BBC and enterprises like @ComcastCares would “broadcast” professional-grade tweets and refrain from idle chat and the type of Twitter conversations that would be incomprehensible to its users. […]

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The Free Killer App for Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of commerce have been hit by the recession as local merchants pull back on their membership fees. They need to create value for their membership by offering ways to develop their business in a slow economy. Our Breaking News City sites provide a means for Chambers of Commerces to offer local merchants a free […]

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