Breaking Hollywood News & New Twitter Channels

Breaking Hollywood News is a topical breaking news site that aggregates the Twitter feeds of celebrities. Think of it as a real time version of E!. It’s a simple example of how “verticals” for breaking news can be easily developed and customized for specific audiences. Mass media calls these verticals channels.

Over the weekend, blogger pioneer Dave Winer discusses how Twitter can evolve into a media network, stating:

I think it’s pretty obvious that Twitter is on a trajectory to become one of the major media networks, a Turner, Fox, NBC, Time-Warner, Viacom, Disney. When it’s apparent to more of the heads of these companies, they’re going to start wondering why their stars are on Twitter and not on their own network.

Twitter can evolve along the same paths as other new media in the past. Cable TV introduced multi-channel broadcast, and the Internet itself created early opportunities for variegated channel strategies ranging from Yahoo! to  The land grab for the creation and development of Twitter channels is just starting.

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