NY Times describes practical uses of Twitter

As my blog readers know, we’re excited about real time commercial uses for Twitter, particularly within hyperlocal communities.

The NY Times offers some examples here, but the key takeaway is how effective Twitter is in getting immediate, even viral results.

Mr. Stoll, the founder of GoSeeTell Network, an online travel company, realized Twitter could be an on-the-go, living guidebook for tourists. He created the Portland Twisitor Center, where thousands of people ask where to find the best brunch spot or coffee house and receive instant responses from the center’s officials and anyone else who wants to answer them.

Even small businesses find Twitter useful. For example, Mary F. Jenn, of True Massage and Wellness in San Francisco, twitters when masseuses have same-day openings in their schedules and offers discounts. The spa is often fully booked within several hours.

Note the spa only has (as of 4/14) only 416 followers. A perfect example of how Twitter followers still actually “follow” certain services.


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