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Zappos-izing Companies

Zappos has become iconic as THE enterprise that embraces social media – it occupies a singular position that no other company seems to be able to touch so far. And it’s surprising that we haven’t heard of any other company that hasn’t institutionalized social media as an important facet of their organization. Social media is […]

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#LocalDay is tomorrow

#Localday is May 1. Tomorrow, Twitterers will be tweeting their zipcode by hashtag, i.e. #94118. We’ve discussed how Twitter is ideal for connecting communities. The intersection of Twitter’s functionality as both a broadcast media and an intimate “chat box” facilitates local conversation like no other application. Yes, local Twitter directories like,,, and […]

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The Best Way to Become the Hub of your Community using Twitter

The Best Way to Become the Hub of your Community using Twitter View more presentations from Pat Kitano. We’re registering for our next Social Media Marketing workshops starting Friday, May 8 at 10:30pdt / 1:30edt. During these sessions, we help build Breaking News City sites for our clients. Register at Breaking News City Sites: […]

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Breaking Hollywood News & New Twitter Channels

Breaking Hollywood News is a topical breaking news site that aggregates the Twitter feeds of celebrities. Think of it as a real time version of E!. It’s a simple example of how “verticals” for breaking news can be easily developed and customized for specific audiences. Mass media calls these verticals channels. Over the weekend, blogger […]

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The Breaking News Network

The Domus Breaking News Network is an initiative by the Domus Consulting Group to create new online media to broadcast real time information. The emergence of social media applications like Twitter that provide instantaneous ways to broadcast and communicate any kind of news is changing the way people digest information. For example, advertising as a […]

Comments { 8 } – “Instant time” hyperlocal news, and broadcast what is happening in each city in real time through a survey of local Twitter feeds and contributions from Twitterers who add tweets to the scrolling news feed using a specific #hashtag system. The Advent of the Breaking News websites We’re just beginning to see the development of “breaking news” […]

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NY Times describes practical uses of Twitter

As my blog readers know, we’re excited about real time commercial uses for Twitter, particularly within hyperlocal communities. The NY Times offers some examples here, but the key takeaway is how effective Twitter is in getting immediate, even viral results. Mr. Stoll, the founder of GoSeeTell Network, an online travel company, realized Twitter could be […]

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Social Media Consulting from Top to Bottom

We’re receiving assignments that help corporations reposition themselves as “Zappos” of their industry. This is the mission we’ve been aiming for with our consulting business. I think we’re reaching a tipping point for the adoption of social media by society where companies and organizations now must understand that reaching the customer through conversational means instead […]

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Real Time Local Advertising – a New Business Model

Local advertisers have been the bread and butter of local print publications, whether it’s the town newspaper, the free car and home for sale magazines outside supermarkets, or Penny Saver coupon books. The local consumer would pick up these circulars to find the best deals of the day. As print advertising slowly disappears, local advertisers […]

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Upending the Get Rich Quick Business Model

The title of the post should really be “Upending the Traditional Website Development Model”. This week, we launched Breaking Shopping and Breaking REO to prove conceptually how Twitter and the new real time micro-blogging and communication tools can be used 1) for local advertising and 2) local reporting of the bank-owned housing markets, […]

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