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Crowdsource the SF Chronicle’s Post Demise Wiki

The SF Chronicle staff has set up a wiki to discuss what to do after the newspaper folds.(h/t Will Sullivan) Although an interesting glimpse at the business minds of journalists at work, I think they need others outside journalism and the print business to suggest ideas. However, I found these insights to be most interesting: […]

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This is not a Facebook Fan Page

I’ve never seen the true utility of having a Facebook Fan Page unless you’re Britney Spears. They were static entities that listed pictures of fans, and had very little useful or real conversation around the fan subject. There was no place on the Fan Page for the fan subject, whether a celebrity, a company or […]

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Skittles’ Social Media Experiment is a Raging Success!

Yesterday Mashable reported Skittles new website had a prominent Twitter search engine page that monitors the word “Skittles”: Then today, Mashable reports that the Twitter feed for Skittles became offensive (, and they switch the top page over to Facebook: CONCLUSION: Skittles is a simple candy product, you either like it or you don’t. This […]

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Leveraging the Social Graph for Business Referrals

For business purposes, the social graph creates an optimal referral network. As far as I know, no company has gotten into the national business of showing the myriad business networks – chambers of commerces, civic organizations like Lions club, even athletic leagues and churches – how to leverage social media for the business benefit of […]

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The New Newspaper Business Model

With the sudden closure of Denver’s Rocky Mountain News Friday and the publication of its epitaph video, the past week has been filled with speculation on the future of newspapers. David Cohn, of, a collaborative funding source for journalist assignments, is chronicling topical articles on his Google Reader shared items. Recommended. In sum, the […]

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