Celebrities Flocking to Twitter

The Celebrity Twitter sites (here are two – Twitya and Twitter Fan Wiki MinorCelebrities can’t keep up with the onrush of celebrities – essentially, anybody with name recognition – discovering Twitter. (UPDATE 3/15 3:00PDT – Kevin Rose’s user-tagged Twitter directory WeFollow launched yesterday with a prominent celebrity component.

Here are three of the most recent I’ve seen:

@TheEllenShowEllen DeGeneres came out Monday as a Twitter devotee with a monologue to get 1,000,000 followers by day’s end.


@ShiaLaBeouf – First, you won’t be able to find his Twitter account if you’re searching for his uncommonly hard to spell name. (This is a Twitter search problem, it’s also impossible to find people on Twitter who don’t use their real names). His celebrity tweets adds some light into the daily life of a popular actor:

@NadiaComaneci – Nadia, Nadia, you’re just a Twitter newbie so you fall into the same first mistake promoters make – devote your tweets exclusively to promoting your fan club. You should be commenting on the state of gymnastics and sports, and providing insights on the techniques, the new concepts and yes, the politics of international gymnastics (how old really were those Chinese Olympians?).

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