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Open Source Funding – Mark Cuban Simplifies Venture Capital

Mark Cuban proposes his contribution to the Stimulus Plan by allowing entrepreneurs to post “business plans” as comments to his article Open Source Funding. His criteria in a nutshell – business plans are posted for all to see, comment, and steal if they want. Mark sends a non-negotiable contract for funding. I’m glad Mark is […]

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Disintermediation of the Media Celebrities

Media celebrities, from on-air personnel to executives, reaped the high salaried rewards of a high margin business model based on promoting “air” time. Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman suggests that the CNBC decision to part ways with ex-news chief Jonathan Wald reflects the new budget reality predicated by the slow decline of the broadcast media combined with […]

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The Decline of Reading

Why are print newspapers shutting down presses, and book publishers decrying where their readers went? Today’s NY Times essentially says this: (Charts, of course, not based on actual statistics; for descriptive purposes only) Consumers are increasingly avoiding newspapers — and books, too — because the text mode is now used so infrequently that it can […]

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NBC4i – an Example of a News Organization Interacting with their Audience via Twitter

The news media is now figuring out that their viewers/readers want to participate in conversations with them for the same reason Letters to the Editor was important to print newspaper. Simply put, viewers just like to see their name and viewpoints pop up on a news website. More important, news organizations want to continue to […]

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10 Steps to Attract Twitterers You Want in Your Network

Twitter makes it easy to meet people you want to meet: EXPRESS GOOD WILL – Following your followers (unless they are truly unsavory) acknowledges their existence and is a good will gesture. You never know whether a stranger is going to turn out to be a great network contact… ACKNOWLEDGE – If you follow somebody […]

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Media’s Business Model Inertia

Web 2.0 hasn’t demonstrated any viable media business models beyond advertising. The dilemma is advertising is the print media’s business model, and publishers have been hesitant to cannibalize their 1.0 advertisers by moving them to the less profitable 2.0 platform. Mitch Joel at Twist Image pens a fine article about the newspapers’ inertia to progress […]

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