Humanizing the Celebrity

Accessibility is becoming a component to celebrity in the new social society.

Shaq  encourages folks to talk with him in a Phoenix diner. (And the Suns have Tweetups!

Today’s Washington Post highlights prominent news anchors chronicling their lives on Twitter:

“Here’s a chance through Twitter, all these social networks, to break the glass in front of the tube,” says “Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran. “It gives you a chance to offer more about your life as a reporter, a person living in Washington.” Being on Twitter counters “the whole notion that newscasters speak from Olympus…”

Then again, they may be Twittering to boost ratings or the Q Score with “buzz appeal” to the audience.


Now he’s at the Phoenix Fashion Square Mall asking Twitterers to touch him for two free tix!

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