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Buzzable – Google Alerts Amplified

Techcrunch spotlighted Buzzable and got me an invitation code (“Techcrunch”). Buzzable monitors terms like your company name in real time across Twitter, Google, Digg, etc. using RSS feeds and publishes them in chronological order a la Twitter. The simplicity of its mission is it virtue. First input the search terms to be monitored across various […]

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It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You

Finding a job, sourcing a deal, selling a client, creating new business relationships – all these money making activities are essentially the same. One needs the same resources – the data, the social network and the business credibility – to manifest these opportunities. The social media has created a sea change in how relationships develop […]

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Why Regional Print Newspapers are in a Death Spiral – Deteriorating Content

From the SF Chronicle itself: The SF Chronicle is ready to shut down if unions don’t accept pay cuts. The Bay Area public knows the Chronicle has been a second rate rag for a while now. Read the comments to this article to understand why nobody wants to read the Chronicle – lackluster, trivial content. […]

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Humanizing the Celebrity

Accessibility is becoming a component to celebrity in the new social society. Shaq  encourages folks to talk with him in a Phoenix diner. (And the Suns have Tweetups! Today’s Washington Post highlights prominent news anchors chronicling their lives on Twitter: “Here’s a chance through Twitter, all these social networks, to break the glass in front […]

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The Death of Useful Sites that Make No Money

The recession will close sites with no revenue model. was useful to find and adopt a moniker one could use across all the social media sites to identify yourself. I’ve always advised using your real name, provided it’s not Lynn Smith, so it becomes “branded” as you. I’ve monopolized pkitano. Without UserNameCheck, newbies to […]

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The End of Long Comments

Two years ago, online conversation used to reside on blogs and their commentators. The objective was to make and validate points of discussion. Now, soundbite communication – SMS, micro-blogging, “like” – distills communication down to making the point. The speed of online communication is accelerating because, in simplest possible terms, there are now more people […]

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9 Ways to Monetize Twitter Analyzed

At this point in the evolution of the social media, pay-to-play runs counter to any social network business model. The wildly popular Twitter will eventually have to break the barrier and declare a revenue model. In December, AdAge offered up a list of 9 ways Twitter can make money: Charge for it Advertising Create a […]

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Social Media for Business

As some readers may know, my firm has been developing social media strategies for real estate business development. Real estate is an industry whose practitioners require hyperlocal presence. Although real estate professionals have been joining social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to develop that presence, the rest of their community of friends, clients and […]

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Online Ubiquity & Personal Syndication

The online conversation happens everywhere on a ubiquitous cloud. I Twittered a link to a NYTimes article: My Twitter feed is incorporated into my FriendFeed account Which then gets fed into my Facebook account: Where friend Ross Rylance commented on it. Veterans of Facebook, Friendfeed, Linkedin and Twitter know this phenomenon well. This is a […]

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Recession Boosting Social Networking Adoption

From TechCrunch: Breaking: Facebook Surpasses 175 Million Users, Growing By 480,000 Users a Day (population of Atlanta = 520,000) Is Twitter Worth $230 million? Probably – Last week’s big social media topic was Twitter’s new $35 million round. It’s growth rate will continue to be remarkable as it moves mainstream. Currently 10.5 million users.

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