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Embed YouTube videos on Twitter

I always had this notion that if Twitter could embed videos, it would do three things: Become a full fledged broadcast media. Now Twitter “channels” can be created. As a true broadcast media, TV news organizations would jump all over this by embedding their video stories for distribution and publicity. This would position Twitter as […]

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#Flight1549 – Twitpic’s Coming of Age

Twitpic crashed this afternoon due to all the traffic from a now famous iPhone snapshot that Twitterer Janis Krums took of the crashed US Airways plane in the Hudson River. Twitpic takes it place as THE breaking news image source. Why? It’s simple to use and has become a standard. In an extraordinary, emergency situation, […]

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Mainstream Media Mistakes on Twitter

FIRST, WHY ARE THERE NO NEWS PRODUCERS ON TWITTER? Twellow is the best application to find Twitterers grouped by occupation. I perused through the News category – noted a lot of freelancing journalists and some reporters, but no news producers or editors. Twitter makes it easy for a community to tip the news media News […]

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The New Web 2.5 Opportunity: Create Media Hubs

TODAY’S ONLINE CONTENT FATIGUE Web 2.0 could be described as a phase in the evolution of the Internet that facilitated individuals in creating content within the constructs of social websites (blogs) and social networks (as participants). User-generated content was the New New Thing when it first appeared refreshingly on blogs (in 2002 blogs were being […]

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Evolution of Justin.TV as a Personal Broadcast Channel

Justin Kan, founder of Justin.TV, achieved notoriety in March 2007 by hooking up a webcam on a helmet and broadcasting his life 24-by-7. Justin.TV was born to facilitate similar life streaming broadcasts by individuals. The evolution of the business model twisted from personal, user-generated broadcast content, Justin style, to a media site that hosts individual […]

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Advent of Specialty Twitter Reporting – #gaza

Watching updates on the Gaza crisis, I’m struck by Twitterers, new and established, being set up to cover the conflict: @Gazanews @TweetsfromGaza @AJGaza Al Jazeera Gaza @intifada @mbaa @Concernedlocal @supportisrael Updates: @nazek88 @mominisrael @muqata @mrphilpot @elizrael @israelright I don’t see any Twitterers reporting from inside Gaza, or even Israel, so all the commentary are […]

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10 Leading Trends in Social Media for 2009

Happy New Year! 1) 2008 Crushed the Old Media, 2009 will see New Business Models Two blog posts describe the destruction: From Editor & Publisher 12/30/08: No Bull: 2008 — The Year Newspaper Stocks Collapsed (h/t Inquisitr ) The statistics behind the collapse of newspaper stocks in 2008 are sobering as New Year’s Eve approaches: […]

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