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5 Unique Twitter Tips for News Media Organizations

News media organizations derive close to 100% of their revenues from advertising or some form of it. With the traditional spot ad business drying up, news media can’t just report the news, broadcast Viagra ads, and leave for the day at 11:30 in a limo as they have always done. They now need to demonstrate […]

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Video Explaining the Beginnings and Evolution of the Internet

Yes, this is the virally active video du jour entitled “the History of the Internet“, but I think it’s remarkable explanation. It really explains the evolution of the internet as a electronic network phenomenon that evolved in parallel with telecommunications. Somebody had to explain all that geekiness in 8 minutes because it otherwise would be […]

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Introducing a Social Media System for NonProfits (Free!)

Non-profit and charitable organizations are impacted by the global recession due to their dependence upon donors and strategic partners. Barack Obama proved how he can mobilize a network behind a cause using the social media. Domus Consulting Group has been a leader in educating the real estate industry on how to use the social media […]

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Death of TV Advertising – Enduring all those Viagra Commercials

Why do I have such a low regard for TV advertising now? Because almost every sporting event or TNT action movie I watch on TV with my two young sons have Cialis or Viagra commercials. I just have to cringe, and that invalidates advertising in my eyes. Don’t you agree? (NYTimes graphic) Anyway, today the […]

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Introducing a Social Media System for News Organizations (Free!)

Few news media companies know how to effectively develop their social media resources; they still hide behind their call letters or mastheads and broadcast one way. Citizen journalists – in effect, the masses – are the closest to breaking news events and stories, so tapping into the social media is becoming the key to real […]

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No Twitter for Hitler

Funny with strong language subtitles. I’m amazed that a German acting troupe, with a cast of 20 all in WWII-period uniform, can tackle an esoteric topic like Twitter with arcane references to Scoble, Crunchgear and Tweeple. And it’s directed and acted professionally to boot. Best line: “Why not give Tumblr a try?” (h/t MrJWells) UPDATE: […]

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Managing Massive Social Networks While Retaining Community

Recently, there has been new commentary on the unmanageability of massive social networks, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. In October, we addressed how Twitter was the most easy social media application to build massive stranger networks. However, many use Twitter like an IM tool to keep track of their closer friends and others they find […]

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The Larger Meaning of / Facebook Collaboration

I sometimes ruminate over new concepts for 24 hours to figure out their implications rather than jot down a quick “yowza” blog post. and Facebook’s integrated coverage of the Obama Inaugural yesterday was striking because it was the first time I saw all my Facebook friends come to life in a unified, mostly coherent […]

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Portability of Friends

The Portable Graph is essentially a massive database of contacts residing in various social networks. Some social networks can be defined as either “walled” or closed, for intimate or group association, or open, for amassing a broad, popular network. Cartoon from Office Offline Closed networks like LinkedIn and Facebook require “two-click” friend confirmations. A salutation […]

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Cute Video on the Death of Advertising

This video (hat tip J. Owyang) encapsulates the death of the 1950’s Madison Avenue advertising paradigm. Scholz & Friends: “Dramatic shift in marketing reality from Michael Reissinger on Vimeo. Related slideshow (focused on real estate marketing): The Hard Sell is Dead

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