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The Portable Social Graph

The Portable Social Graph is a killer concept behind the future social media business model. Very few can envision it because few live examples exist melding social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter into more traditional popular websites – ecommerce sites like Amazon, media sites like NYTimes or Hulu, and corporate/organizational sites like Toyota or […]

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Incorporate “Breaking News” into Websites and Make Them Compelling Reads

I have been discussing over the past half year a new paradigm for capturing committed loyal readership to websites using “Breaking News”. Consumers contemplating any major financial transaction based activity – real estate, securities, cars, even retail – need continual flow of real time news to evaluate when to pull the trigger on the transaction. […]

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Proposition 8 Musical with Jack Black as Jesus

Sound bite video lives so well at Will Ferrell founded Funny or Die. 2 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a laugh… it’s the end of attention span. See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

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The Justified Outrage of “Bloggers”

Tonight on CNN, David Gergen mentions that public perception turned against the Big Three auto bailout when “bloggers” feasted on the Big Three’s executives arriving to the November 19 Senate hearings in corporate jets (“going to the soup kitchen in tuxedoes“). Now they’re driving their hybrids to tomorrow’s hearings, but the gesture smacks of an […]

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Three Social Media Functions: Source, Distribute and Discuss

Anybody writing a blog, participating on Twitter, upload to YouTube or using one of the thousands of social media applications can divide their activity into three categories: Content Sources Content Distributors Social Butterflies What they do Bloggers and journalists who source, analyze or interpret new information, ideas, data or breaking news. Bloggers and social media […]

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