Twitter’s Powerful Viral Reach Makes it a Branding Machine

TWinfluence measures two degrees of separation to estimate the “reach” a Twitterer has within the Twitter universe by adding the number of degree-one followers to the exponentially higher number of degree-two followers ( see chart above)

Twitter’s viral reach as personal brand management

Twitter’s broadcast functionality and prolific messaging capabilities allows its users to become well known to the Twitter universe better than more intimate social network systems like Facebook and Linkedin. And Twitter is expanding rapidly… a “reach” of over 5,000,000 (estimated by TWinfluence above) today could double within 6 months. Most of the top Twitterers, Barack Obama included, are branded in the Twitterverse.

Maintaining a consistent Twitter presence is analogous to the old Madison Avenue tome that espoused brand advertising as a way to keep your name or brand top of mind.

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