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The Slow Death of Advertising

The social media has opened up the alternative channel for consumer product marketing based on user-generated testimonials. Product review sites like epinions, service review sites like Yelp, and shopping sites like Amazon all qualify consumer purchase decisions. Just like polling data, these review sites have reached critical mass of users to make their wisdom of […]

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Mainstream Media as News Aggregator

New York Times states Mainstream Media News Outlets Start Linking to Other Sites. It’s a portal strategy to leverage their print and TV brand names, and keep them relevant as comprehensive news sources. The advent of Web 2.0 news aggregation communities like mainstay Digg and Social Median have legitimized news aggregation and sharing across a […]

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Weird Corporate Virtual Worlds

Reuter reports that IBM has created a virtual China’s Forbidden City that allows visitors “to dress up as an imperial eunuch and meet a courtesan.” (h/t Techcrunch) It has been over three years in the making and cost over $3 million, provided by IBM as part of a community program. Here is the problem with […]

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Social Media Satire – Corporate Generated – Mad Men on Twitter

When mainstream TV producers want a creative spin by putting their characters on Twitter streams, I’m assuming they recruit their corporate marketing departments to produce creative. Yes, some folks in marketing may be creative, but a slight corporate feel pervades the exercise. Here’s how AMC TV have “Twittered” out their MadMen characters. The exercise works […]

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Social Media Satire – User Generated – Sarah Palin on Facebook

Remarkable satire arises from inspired individuals. Here’s a brilliant, detailed Sarah Palin Facebook parody noted by Valleywag: See next article: Social Media Satire – Corporate Generated

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Has-been Celebrities should be on Twitter

John Cleese is a hall of fame comedian who needs more exposure (not a has-been in my book). Anybody with a modicum of celebrity would benefit from Twittering and becoming a social media star. The social media rewards the “crossovers” with instant attention that could potentially translate into career resurrection. Here are a few more […]

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Waiting for Sarah Palin / Tina Fey – NBC should leverage Twitter to advertise SNL

Link to SNL Video of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin 10/4/08 We Westcoasters get a full three hours of excellent Tina Fey reviews on Twitter before SNL airs in California… What NBC should do: Start advertising your shows in real time with scrolling Twitter quotes in a :15 second spot. I’m certainly tuning in.

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The Easy Twitter Follow – the Building of Massive Stranger Networks

The participants of the “mature” social networks – MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn – tend to replicate the same network contacts, generally those associated with the individual or industry. The micro-blogging applications Twitter and Friendfeed, and to a lesser extent MyBlogLog, have set up “following” systems that encourage anonymous network linkage. The result is the development of […]

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Google Blogsearch becomes Media Window for Blogs

Google Blogsearch‘s redesign delivers popular news stories (or memes) based on eleven categories: Politics US World Business Technology Video Games Science Entertainment Movies Television Sports In the Technology category, Google News for Blogs is one of its top stories today. Blog authors will soon realize the new Blogsearch is positioned as a media outlet, and […]

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Clueless Corporate Social Networks

Most corporations are backing into developing a social media presence just because it’s being demanded by their managements when they read the headline: 93% of Americans want Companies to have presence on Social Media Sites. Valleywag notes the social media manager at GM admits she doesn’t quite see the ROI of social media-izing their cars: […]

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