Social Media Satire – Corporate Generated – Mad Men on Twitter

When mainstream TV producers want a creative spin by putting their characters on Twitter streams, I’m assuming they recruit their corporate marketing departments to produce creative. Yes, some folks in marketing may be creative, but a slight corporate feel pervades the exercise. Here’s how AMC TV have “Twittered” out their MadMen characters. The exercise works because the characters Twitter with their fans and engage them on a personal level. I give it an A for originality.

It’s odd the Mad Man blog doesn’t mention the Twitter exercise.

A few of the many Mad Men characters on Twitter:

Betty Draper

Paul Kinsey

Frank OHara

Francine Hanson

Jane Siegel

Ken Cosgrove

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UPDATES Oct. 9, 2008 9:10am PDT

I must admit, I didn’t realize how clueless AMC was that they tried to stop Twitter- based user generated marketing, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Corporate marketing rarely gets social media correctly the first time until it hits them on the head, then they try to take the credit.

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(h/t Nice Fish Films)

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