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How Twitter Changes the Chat Paradigm

Chat has always been a staple Web 2.0 archetype since the first “chat rooms” surfaced over a decade ago. Chat room users became minor celebrities within their own walled chat gardens, but really couldn’t “breakout” into more massive recognition. Similarly, IM services like MSN, Gtalk and Yahoo!Chat are used most efficiently with a small inner […]

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Real Estate Brokerage Sites and Broadcast Media

Real estate brokerages need to provide more information about the housing markets to attract a loyal following of local readers. Just providing the latest listings is old hat. Real estate blogging has proven effective, but very few agents do it due to the challenges of writing and maintaining a blog. Simply put, brokerages can now […]

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Twitter for Terrorists

What does the CIA Social Media Strategist do? Figure out how terrorists would use Twitter! US Army Warns of Twittering Terrorists! The report also described scenarios in which terrorists could leverage “potential adversarial use of Twitter,” such as planning ambushes or detonating explosives: Scenario 1: Terrorist operative “A” uses Twitter with (or without) a cell […]

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Obama McCain Breakdance Video

Love this stuff…

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Strategic Corporate Investment in Social Media – Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn raised $22.7 million and their new investors include enterprise systems company SAP and publisher McGraw-Hill. Strategic reasons? (just guessing) An enterprise system company like SAP can port LinkedIn’s personal profile data, networks and network communications within the enterprise system. This automates the user experience so they may continue to work on LinkedIn, and have […]

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Vigilante Journalism

Government transparency has always been oxymoron. Sordid details of profligate spending get outed and become legend – everybody knows about the $600 toilet seat or the half-billion dollar travel system that isn’t used. Now we have citizen journalists watching over the bailout with BailoutSleuth believes that transparency is vital to the success of the […]

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Slow Death of Traditional News Syndication – AP

Associated Press once was the RSS Feed of news distribution. Newspapers, already affected by plunging profits and now retrenching for recession, have been canceling their AP service contracts in droves due to AP’s high pricing structure: October 16: Tribune Companies October 17: Columbus Dispatch September 26: Minneapolis St Paul Star Tribune September 2: Spokane Spokesman […]

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“Everybody Media” – the Rewards of YouTube-ing Sarah Palin on SNL First

The most popular A-list blogs become go-to sources by posting breaking news first before anybody else. Wired has chronicled how cut-throat the competition is. Now, “everybody media” is out there trying to get breaking news up on YouTube and on their blogs. Tonight’s SNL appearance of Sarah Palin has all the trappings of being a […]

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Obama and McCain’s Stand-Up Comedy at the Al Smith Foundation Dinner

One Presidential debate should be hosted on Comedy Central and start off with comedic monologues. Humor puts some of the peripheral issues like comparing McCain to Bush in context much better than just trying to explain it seriously. John McCain turns out to be an excellent non-angry and gracious comedian, revealing a sympathetic character that […]

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Debates Interpreted in Real Time

CNN reports that 2/3 of the public don’t want to see another debate. After #3, I don’t either because the rhetoric unceremoniously petrified into refrains of “McCain is Bush” and “Obama will raise taxes”. The debate reactions are more transparent with real time polling on CNN by their pundits and by commentary from Election Twitter […]

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