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Barriers to Enterprise 2.0 – Slideshow

The larger the enterprise, the huger the knowledge management problems, simply because communication is harder to circulate across large groups. Not surprisingly, the easiest way to facilitate this communication is to “open up the channels”. But the enterprise management culture has historically been based on playing close to the vest. Although employees can become influential […]

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Proliferation of Feed-based Social Networks – Part 1

The real estate industry has been the most pragmatic in applying social media constructs – blogging and social networking – in order to develop lead generation systems for its professional practitioners. Real estate’s Active Rain continues to be the most active participatory social network devoted to a vertical. Its success spawned the recent introductions of […]

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15 Reasons why Slideshows are a Perfect Presentation Format

My slideshows are being showcased at, a slideshow presentation community that can be best described as a Powerpoint-deluged Harvard Business Review. Over the past few months, I’ve become a slideshow devotee for many reasons: Good slideshows get the point across to readers much more readily and efficiently than text blog posts. Slideshows are like […]

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Browser as Operating System – the Impact of Chrome and Ubiquity

(funny image c/o Techcrunch) The distinction between a browser and an operating system will be lost on most Internet users, but it doesn’t matter because the effect is transparent to the user. It’s a matter of seamless adjustment and migration, like using online applications (contact management, Google docs) that once resided on the desktop. The […]

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Net Fatigue – Why Consumer Internet Usage is Changing

The Internet is no longer a novelty. With the PC as a household media hub, users are demanding transparent, non-arrogant, fulfilling services from internet service providers. By doing so, they are creating a cultural shift in the way all business is being transacted, offline as well as online. Those businesses who “get it” will prosper. […]

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