Testing Disqus’ Reblogging Feature

“Reblog” is a one-click feature that allows a blogger to repost articles to their blog with attribution to the original author. I was introduced to the concept at real estate’s Active Rain, where the reblog feature allows time-challenged (or lazy) real estate agents to populate their real estate blog with other people’s content, with the option of an interpretative comment.

Disqus, an application that aggregates all comments made by a Disqus user, allows reblogging of comments as new articles. It’s another knowledge sharing tool that fits into the bookmarking realm. The comment below refers to an article Can you build an Enterprise-only Web App? which complements my previous article Barriers to Enterprise 2.0.

Since employees have essentially adopted their social media applications, why fight the upstream battle to train and force participation on a proprietary enterprise social system? It’s easier for employees, old and new, to use familiar apps… Yammer fits this bill because it works like Twitter. Solutions have already been proposed to cobble together a free-source Yammer: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/twhirl-makes-yammer-…

The enterprise’s most workable option is to maintain two knowledge management systems – one internal and one external. Eventually Enterprise 2.0 will be forced to accept the “outsourcing” of their employee knowledge management systems to Twitter/Yammer, del.icio.us and google reader shared items. At least it won’t cost enterprise software bucks. http://mediatransparent.com/2008/09/10/barriers…

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