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When will the NY Times make it easy to follow their Twitter topics?

This will happen soon in the mainstream media…

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Election Twitter – Twitter as Real Time Media Feed

The verticalization of Twitter continues, as it should. Twitter can be too broad population to effectively filter out vertical conversations. Micro-blogging is the best medium at this time to aggregate user generated conversations along topics. Election.Twitter is a simple application but provides a hyper-real time view on the mood of the political nation. The mainstream […]

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Social Software Projects Often Fail without Purpose

Brett Rogers @Ecresystems sent me a Gartner article that intuitively explains the reasons why social networks sometimes don’t take off like Facebook: 1. Magnetic The purpose should draw people directly to participate, immediately appealing to the “What’s in it for me” characteristic. 2. Aligned Purpose should align with business value, that is the “What’s in […]

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The Social Media System

We’ve just updated our Domus Consulting Group site to clarify one of our initiatives we introduced at BlogWorld: Domus Consulting Group is the leader in the development of a new social media platform we simply call the “Social Media System“. This system enables companies, organizations and groups to create powerful effective social networks WITHOUT REQUIRING […]

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Tweetburner Demonstrates the Viral Power of Twitter

Twittered links are clicked. With about 1,000+ followers, my last five Tweets with links averaged 30 clicks, about 3% of total follower base. However, assume 20% are online at the time of the Tweet delivery (I’m guessing, this ClickZ study says in 2005 blog readers were online 23 hours per week, about 14%). Then, the […]

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Ten Steps to Successful Marketing via the Social Media

Returning from BlogWorld with a social media marketing system embedded in my brain. Although I follow how Zappos uses Twitter to engage their customers, I was impressed hearing the whole Zappos story from ceo Tony Hsieh. Person Tony Hsieh Right click for SmartMenu shortcuts Ten Steps to Successful Marketing via the Social Media View SlideShare […]

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Here’s my schedule at Blogworld / REBlogWorld tomorrow: 11:30-12:45    Social Networking With Photographs – moderating with Teresa Boardman 2:00-2:45    Active Rain VS Word Press – moderating with Rich Jacobson and Dave Smith 4:00-4:45    How to bring your 1.0 brokerage into a 2.0 world – with Jan OBrien, Matt Fagioli and Brad Coy Contact me @ […]

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Slideshow – Website 2.0: Evolving into Feed-Based Social Networks

This is Part 2 to earlier post Proliferation of Feed Based Networks Part 1. Websites as brochureware aren’t credible as society embraces social media to validate brands, products and services. Companies must incorporate social media systems into their online strategies in order to market effectively. Website 2.0 – Creating a Conversational Web View SlideShare presentation […]

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SocialMedian Aspires to be the Friendfeed of Mainstream Media

I’m experiment with Social Median, a social news network that automatically tracks mainstream media news articles based on topic. Social Median’s Wall Street Network is tracking evolving news stories around today’s extraordinary events surrounding the Lehman bankruptcy, the BofA/Merrill deal and insurance giant AIG’s plunge. The expectation of Social Median is to create micro-conversations around […]

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Testing Disqus’ Reblogging Feature

“Reblog” is a one-click feature that allows a blogger to repost articles to their blog with attribution to the original author. I was introduced to the concept at real estate’s Active Rain, where the reblog feature allows time-challenged (or lazy) real estate agents to populate their real estate blog with other people’s content, with the […]

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