The 12-Hour Incubation of a Crowdsource Investment Idea

What makes the social media intriguing is its facility to provide instant interpretation of random ideas and acts. These acts, adhoc and experimental by nature, generate interest – controversial, amusement, alternative perspective – within a social sphere, which then extends the premise within hours. This kind of micro-media will filter the best ideas, extend them further, until they are “news”… or worth reporting by mass media. We’re all privy to the incubation of these ideas depending upon the networks we belong to or share.

Here’s the chronology of a simple idea that was proposed today by Jason Goldberg of SocialMedian:

Jason Goldberg View full feed
Twitter posted a message on Twitter

Ex-securities lawyer Michael Arrington then pipes in the fact that Twitter solicitations for financing is an SEC violation. Jason takes the post down, but it’s recorded at Friendfeed.
Prompting a Micro-financing venture capital room at Friendfeed, which I join because I think the crowdsource and peer-to-peer investment model is promising.
And finally chronicled by Mathew Ingram, tech writer at Globe & Mail –  Twitter – a Microfinancing Vehicle

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