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Huge Difference between Social and Mainstream Media – Speculation vs. Confirmation

Yesterday, decidedly liberal Daily Kos posted an article speculating a Thomas Eagleton-like bombshell about Sarah Palin covering up the fact that her Down’s Syndrome son Trig is possibly her grandson, and that Trig was birthed by Sarah Palin’s daughter who was 16 at the time. Although the shocking claim is tabloidish, the fact is the […]

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Real Time Political Reporting

The surprise announcement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican VP candidate highlights the relevancy of different media in reporting breaking news: 1. Twitter breaks the news 2. Concurrently, TV news – MSNBC, CNN, CNBC – gathers initial pundit reactions that generally mirror the Twitter feeds. The online business news sites also report the […]

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The Big Reader Divide between Mass Media and Social Media

We in the social media implicitly understand that the mainstream media readership are still getting their feet wet when it comes to finding, reading and subscribing to blogs (unless they look like MSM like Huffington Post, or are blogs residing within MSM like the NYT). I discovered a contrary example in a Washington Post article […]

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How Social Media Corrects Mass Media’s Flawed Messages

Friend Jeff Corbett’s appearance on CNBC’s On The Money program is a good example of how social media players are becoming fixtures in the mass media. The problem Jeff faces in his interview is common with anybody who has interfaced with the soundbite nature of broadcast programming. The mass media understands its audience and will […]

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The 12-Hour Incubation of a Crowdsource Investment Idea

What makes the social media intriguing is its facility to provide instant interpretation of random ideas and acts. These acts, adhoc and experimental by nature, generate interest – controversial, amusement, alternative perspective – within a social sphere, which then extends the premise within hours. This kind of micro-media will filter the best ideas, extend them […]

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The Shock of the New Societal Transparency – Slideshow

The Shock of the New Societal Transparency View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: mediatransparent socialmedia)

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Diaspora of Journalists

On Community Funded Reporting site Spot.US, David Cohn reports from Freelance Camp – “an unconference for freelance professionals of all sorts – artists, coders, writers, designers etc.” The most pertinent session for me was aptly titled “How the Changing Nature of Information Affects Information Providers.” It was proposed by a local magazine writer who recently […]

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Social Media’s Brand Name Land Grab Strategy

Domain names spawned an industry based on the land grab of common names and terms. The resources for domain name valuation and investment are extensive and mature, particularly when names like and are selling for $10 million and $1.1 million, respectively. The industry’s lucrative existence alone should signal to any company or entity […]

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How Mainstream Media Journalists should Leverage Twitter

Mass Media – Marketwatch, NYT, USA Today – publishes articles and can be deluged with thousands of comments. The first twenty or so distill the various viewpoints of an article, and ploughing through the rest of them becomes senseless, like walking through a comments graveyard. Voting up/down comments can filter the more significant ones, and […]

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20 Viable Social Network Ideas

20 Viable Social Network Ideas View SlideShare presentation (tags: blog friendfeed twitter ning)

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